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Back in Ames after a restful week

I had a good break. I even wrote a song, while merrily high-spirited on Jagermeister. Enjoy!

Untitled #1

what once was
or what once wasn't
or what maybe should have been

in the land of unconscious others
in the land of our brothers
we strove long and hard for the day
that we can see everyone together in one way

for the peasants who never run
round the castle with things to shun
for the guys who can't go out
and get a date, our hearts are out

for when the bluebird
sings out his song
the devil may carry a mighty pitchfork
but the one who is called upon will do all the work

ladies say ladies say
that the man on high throne must be the one
and the ones far down below
are just the ones to forgo
for the ones way down below
are just the ones they must forgo

and the love of the land
isn't enough for just one man
and the love of another
isn't love enough for our brother

in the land of unconscious others
we will struggle and we will cover
ourselves up like the wind
for out time will never end
and the days will go astray
with great mystery and mistique

for today i run away
past the ushers and the faceless
and the nameless hordes of drones
to the valley down below
with the rushes and the sparrows
down below
where we sing until tomorrow
where we sing for the present
where we sing until we perish

in the land of the many
in the land of the plenty
that is where i go to now
that is where i stay forever
that is where i find another
to live with each other
and all is well
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