Jay Billington Bulworth (foolio) wrote,
Jay Billington Bulworth

I like fanatics

warning: you may be offended, but hopefully you'll laugh

jwbpitch2 (11:47:37 AM): haha
jwbpitch2 (11:47:40 AM): seriously
jwbpitch2 (11:47:43 AM): what and ass whooping
jwbpitch2 (11:48:09 AM): and daschle is gone
jwbpitch2 (11:48:10 AM): hahahahah
jawz xp (11:59:20 AM): i hope you like getting drafted and having nerve damage

Auto response from jwbpitch2 (11:59:20 AM): HAHAH, lets see here Bush wins
Republicans 286
Democrats 252

We got 4 more seats in the senate. 3 more in the already republican house.

Bush will get to prob add two more judges making the total 6conservative -3 liberal for the supreme court.

And the lead senator Tom Dasche of the democrats gets beat. Has happened in 52 years. Whats does this all add up too.

ONE BIG FAT BOOYA to all you tree hugging, homo loving liberals out there. You guys did everything you possibily could and you still got your asses whooped by a guy, who didnt find Osama or WMD's.

jwbpitch2 (4:42:38 PM): haha
jwbpitch2 (4:42:48 PM): the draft will never happen
jwbpitch2 (4:42:55 PM): unless our counrty is in some serious shit
jwbpitch2 (4:43:12 PM): and in that case a draft would be better then letting any foreign POS
jwbpitch2 (4:43:25 PM): step foot in my country
jwbpitch2 (4:43:31 PM): AND as for nerve damage
jwbpitch2 (4:43:34 PM): the lord wills what he wants
jawz xp (4:43:36 PM): http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=15687&item=3938520240&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW
jwbpitch2 (4:44:11 PM): haha, did ISU turn a fellow republican into a dem
jawz xp (4:44:53 PM): nah a president who lies about everything did
jwbpitch2 (4:45:01 PM): hahahaha
jwbpitch2 (4:45:03 PM): right
jwbpitch2 (4:45:08 PM): cambodia
jawz xp (4:45:23 PM): and the sad thing is half the country doesn't give a shit that he's a huge liar
jwbpitch2 (4:45:23 PM): and all those meetings with the UN security council
jawz xp (4:45:35 PM): new york, the most fucking hard hit by 9/11, fucking voted for kerry
jwbpitch2 (4:45:49 PM): haha, Ny has voted for dems
jwbpitch2 (4:45:56 PM): aslong as my dads been alive
jwbpitch2 (4:46:00 PM): somethings never change
jwbpitch2 (4:46:10 PM): The elected hiliary clinton for God sakes
jawz xp (4:46:14 PM): people who hate gays and are crazy religious fanatics and people who like no taxes voted for bush
jawz xp (4:46:21 PM): which i guess is half of the voting coutnry
jwbpitch2 (4:46:31 PM): Well im happy for you John, you are now party of a dying party
jwbpitch2 (4:46:34 PM): haha more then half
jawz xp (4:46:42 PM): i'm not part of the party
jawz xp (4:46:45 PM): but we only have two
jwbpitch2 (4:46:47 PM): Weve as in republicans have everything
jwbpitch2 (4:46:57 PM): haha starting to sound like The other john
jawz xp (4:46:57 PM): so i was choosing the one that would be more what i would vote for if we had more than two parties
jawz xp (4:47:01 PM): it's true
jawz xp (4:47:11 PM): having only two parties is retarded
jawz xp (4:47:14 PM): shit like this happens
jwbpitch2 (4:47:22 PM): hahah, well then start a revolution
jwbpitch2 (4:47:30 PM): im sure you and 100k other people
jwbpitch2 (4:47:36 PM): could make it all the way to
jwbpitch2 (4:47:41 PM): maybe the mayors office
jwbpitch2 (4:47:45 PM): with your aspirations
jawz xp (4:47:46 PM): well that's the point we spend so much on defense
jawz xp (4:47:49 PM): it's impossible
jawz xp (4:47:53 PM): it becomes a dictatorship
jwbpitch2 (4:48:10 PM): haha what does defense spending have anything to do
jwbpitch2 (4:48:14 PM): with your MOVEMENT and a 3rd
jwbpitch2 (4:48:17 PM): political party
jawz xp (4:48:21 PM): keeping people from overthrowing the government
jawz xp (4:48:25 PM): making a 3rd party doesnt do shit
jwbpitch2 (4:48:34 PM): haha over throwing government
jwbpitch2 (4:48:36 PM): thats treason
jawz xp (4:48:52 PM): well when the system doesn't work you have to fix it
jwbpitch2 (4:49:02 PM): and thats why we have defense to keep the sane and physical people from letting qooks like you from having your way
jawz xp (4:49:26 PM): when half the country is "qooks" it becomes a near majority
jwbpitch2 (4:49:28 PM): haha well i wish you well in your views and im sorry you couldnt enjoy this victory
jwbpitch2 (4:49:38 PM): haha 80% voted againsted fags
jawz xp (4:49:41 PM): eh, the daily show will be funny
jawz xp (4:49:42 PM): yeah i saw that
jwbpitch2 (4:49:52 PM): every state that put it on the ballot
jawz xp (4:49:57 PM): i don't really care about fags, their legal status is nothing i care about
jwbpitch2 (4:49:59 PM): got it passed
jawz xp (4:50:10 PM): theyre still going to be gay they just won't be legally married so they wont get tax credits
jawz xp (4:50:11 PM): big whoop
jwbpitch2 (4:50:22 PM): haha there is more to this than just fags
jwbpitch2 (4:50:28 PM): they just leave a sour taste in my mouth
jawz xp (4:50:56 PM): well nobody cares, they'll do whatever they fuck they want to and ultimately you can't stop them
jawz xp (4:51:03 PM): that's why we have a lying president
jwbpitch2 (4:51:06 PM): haha
jawz xp (4:51:07 PM): you just have to deal with it
jwbpitch2 (4:51:10 PM): no i dont have to worry about it
jwbpitch2 (4:51:15 PM): Aids will ravage them
jawz xp (4:51:17 PM): lol
jawz xp (4:51:23 PM): aids will ravage everything
jawz xp (4:51:25 PM): that's a good thing
jwbpitch2 (4:51:27 PM): and how can fags reproduce
jwbpitch2 (4:51:28 PM): hahaha
jawz xp (4:51:30 PM): we need population control
jwbpitch2 (4:51:32 PM): hahahahahaha
jwbpitch2 (4:51:38 PM): thats what aids is my friend
jwbpitch2 (4:51:45 PM): population control
jwbpitch2 (4:51:50 PM): weeding out the week races
jawz xp (4:52:02 PM): i have no problem with getting rid of all the people who are too stupid to not get STDs
jwbpitch2 (4:52:19 PM): haha, well then what will you call your party
jwbpitch2 (4:52:29 PM): the peoples republic
jawz xp (4:52:43 PM): my party is extremely left and and extremely right so it ends up in the middle
jawz xp (4:52:51 PM): it just depends on what
jwbpitch2 (4:53:02 PM): haha, lets not get ahead of yourself
jwbpitch2 (4:53:05 PM): you dont have a party
jawz xp (4:53:08 PM): lol
jwbpitch2 (4:53:11 PM): atleast i didnt see one on my ballot
jwbpitch2 (4:53:16 PM): i could have missed it
jawz xp (4:53:16 PM): i don't want a party on your shitty ballot
jwbpitch2 (4:53:25 PM): its not my ballot
jawz xp (4:53:27 PM): my party will take shit over after it gets resources from THE TERRORISTS
jwbpitch2 (4:53:28 PM): its americas ballot
jawz xp (4:53:30 PM): OMG THE TERRORISTS
jwbpitch2 (4:53:43 PM): hahah, dirt poor dirt eating muslims
jwbpitch2 (4:53:58 PM): that if the christians decieded to holy war against would wipe them out
jawz xp (4:53:59 PM): and then after all the stupid people are killed there will be free elections and it will be grand
jawz xp (4:54:02 PM): lol
jwbpitch2 (4:54:23 PM): haha john. i dont know what you smoked or ate to get to your ENLIGHTENMENT
jwbpitch2 (4:54:29 PM): but seriously you need to get off that shit
jawz xp (4:54:37 PM): lol
jawz xp (4:54:49 PM): all you have to do is watch the daily show for a month
jawz xp (4:54:54 PM): and see how silly the system is
jawz xp (4:55:05 PM): and how nobody knows wtf they are doing
jwbpitch2 (4:55:06 PM): omg there is it
jwbpitch2 (4:55:10 PM): The daily show party
jawz xp (4:55:12 PM): lol
jawz xp (4:55:13 PM): YES
jwbpitch2 (4:55:14 PM): i solved your problem
jawz xp (4:55:16 PM): STONED SLACKERS
jawz xp (4:55:26 PM): dude jon stewart is smarter than both of us
jawz xp (4:55:29 PM): i don't know what you're talking about
jawz xp (4:55:39 PM): he's the chosen one too
jawz xp (4:55:41 PM): he's jewish
jwbpitch2 (4:55:42 PM): i didnt say he wasnt smart
jawz xp (4:55:57 PM): jon stewart is jesus and he's crying because america is fucked
jwbpitch2 (4:55:57 PM): and im not denying hes jewish
jwbpitch2 (4:56:08 PM): haha why should he be cryign thats what you want
jwbpitch2 (4:56:13 PM): its the only way your party
jwbpitch2 (4:56:14 PM): can rebuild us
jawz xp (4:56:14 PM): lol
jwbpitch2 (4:56:20 PM): you should be jumping for joy
jawz xp (4:56:27 PM): the war has just begun
jwbpitch2 (4:56:41 PM): haha and what war is that
jwbpitch2 (4:56:44 PM): STONED slackers
jawz xp (4:56:50 PM): and LIBERAL is not a bad word
jwbpitch2 (4:56:52 PM): vs reg society
jawz xp (4:56:55 PM): lol
jwbpitch2 (4:57:05 PM): liberal can mean many things in many contexts
jawz xp (4:57:08 PM): i know
jawz xp (4:57:15 PM): and most republicans are just like DAMN LIBERALS
jawz xp (4:57:19 PM): and i'm like wtf does that really mean
jawz xp (4:57:21 PM): it doesnt mean anything
jawz xp (4:57:30 PM): blah blah blah LIBERAL
jawz xp (4:57:35 PM): it's like stfu
jwbpitch2 (4:57:40 PM): haha john im getting dummer listinging to this
jawz xp (4:57:53 PM): that's because you are the number one most LIBERAL senator
jwbpitch2 (4:57:56 PM): i just had a kid who voted kerry read this
jawz xp (4:58:01 PM): lol
jwbpitch2 (4:58:09 PM): and he said you have got to be the dummest motherfucker in iowa
jawz xp (4:58:13 PM): did you make sure it was fair and balanced
jwbpitch2 (4:58:23 PM): haha just showed him the entire convo
jwbpitch2 (4:58:33 PM): couldnt be any more fair and balanced than that
jwbpitch2 (4:58:37 PM): hes still laughing still
jwbpitch2 (4:58:54 PM): He said he would vote KKK before voting for you gay as party
jawz xp (4:58:54 PM): ok john, well the fact that he voted for kerry makes him somehow credible?
jawz xp (4:59:06 PM): did you ask him why he voted for kerry?
jwbpitch2 (4:59:18 PM): haha yah i asked him that before
jawz xp (4:59:22 PM): and
jwbpitch2 (4:59:34 PM): Because he grew up in a Mother father lutherain family
jawz xp (4:59:42 PM): that's a retarded reason
jawz xp (4:59:49 PM): religion is the first thing to go
jwbpitch2 (4:59:51 PM): haha im not finished
jwbpitch2 (4:59:53 PM): dumb ass
jwbpitch2 (5:00:00 PM): They are both pastors
jawz xp (5:00:09 PM): doesn't matter, christians are fucking up reason
jawz xp (5:00:16 PM): how can you not accept evolution 150 years later?
jawz xp (5:00:24 PM): things never change, right
jwbpitch2 (5:00:31 PM): things change
jwbpitch2 (5:00:37 PM): if things never changed from 150 years ago
jawz xp (5:00:40 PM): didn't the vatican just accept recently that the world wasn't the center of the universe
jwbpitch2 (5:00:47 PM): id have my nigger slaves
jawz xp (5:00:50 PM): lol
jwbpitch2 (5:00:52 PM): ready my coach
jawz xp (5:00:55 PM): see i could go for nigger slaves
jwbpitch2 (5:00:57 PM): and id come kill you right now
jawz xp (5:01:04 PM): well whoever has more nigger slaves wins
jwbpitch2 (5:01:21 PM): haha nigger slaves are good fighters
jwbpitch2 (5:01:25 PM): whoever has more friends wins John
jwbpitch2 (5:01:41 PM): so you get your stoned friends together
jwbpitch2 (5:01:45 PM): if they are motivated enough
jawz xp (5:01:47 PM): in a society of warring nigger slaves, yes
jwbpitch2 (5:02:03 PM): and ill bring all my conservative cronies
jawz xp (5:02:06 PM): lol
jawz xp (5:02:13 PM): no thanks there are plenty who live here
jawz xp (5:02:19 PM): and they study their bibles and hate gays
jwbpitch2 (5:02:25 PM): and ill beat the fucking shit out of your john stewart clan right now
jwbpitch2 (5:02:32 PM): haha
jawz xp (5:02:33 PM): ames is the conservative capital of iowa
jawz xp (5:02:35 PM): why aren't you here
jwbpitch2 (5:02:47 PM): haha, cause Iowa city is the fag capital of the state
jawz xp (5:02:50 PM): lol
jawz xp (5:02:56 PM): i'd go there but i dont wanna be a business major
jwbpitch2 (5:02:58 PM): and im having a damned good time condemming the sinners
jawz xp (5:02:59 PM): or medicine
jawz xp (5:03:04 PM): lol
jwbpitch2 (5:03:13 PM): But john one last thing b4 i block yah
jwbpitch2 (5:03:16 PM): i await the day
jwbpitch2 (5:03:21 PM): you can see the end of my
jawz xp (5:03:27 PM): super race?
jwbpitch2 (5:03:29 PM): dual 9mm berretas
jawz xp (5:03:32 PM): lol
jawz xp (5:03:34 PM): ok
jwbpitch2 (5:03:35 PM): haha its already here
jwbpitch2 (5:03:43 PM): no you little fags with your crazy ideas
jawz xp (5:03:45 PM): killing people is the answer, john
jwbpitch2 (5:03:46 PM): come on to the white house
jwbpitch2 (5:03:51 PM): YUP it is
jwbpitch2 (5:03:57 PM): you said the terriorst
jawz xp (5:03:59 PM): if you kill everyone, you win
jwbpitch2 (5:04:00 PM): would do it for you
jawz xp (5:04:06 PM): there will always be terrorists
jwbpitch2 (5:04:11 PM): haha, John i weep for you
jawz xp (5:04:26 PM): terrorists are just assholes who don't agree with you and like to kill people to scare other people
jwbpitch2 (5:04:29 PM): cause you are fucking retarded and i hope you can graduate with you stoner degree in maybe 8 years.
jawz xp (5:04:35 PM): because everybody wants to rule the world
Previous message was not received by jwbpitch2 because of error (5:04:36 PM): User jwbpitch2 is not available.
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