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It's that time again

I haven't slept right in about two and a half weeks. I have found that I can make it for about 30-40 hours on about 4-5 hours of sleep. It's not a lot of fun, but it's doable, and that's all that counts. I really am starting to worry about how I'm doing in classes, even though over half the points are still up in the air in every one of my classes. In fact, that makes me even more worried and makes me sleep less, and since I know I can function on practically no sleep, I keep forcing myself awake, taking caffeine pills, and feeling generally stressed out. If only I were productive during my sleepless binges, but I'm not. I just sit around for hours trying to do homework, being distracted, and worrying. I must force myself to go to the library more when I have stuff that can be done completely computerless.

I also came up with a tentative schedule for spring, if I make it to spring. It includes me having class at 8am every day of the week. Wow. 8am. I haven't done that since the early part of high school...I hope it doesn't hurt too much. It'll give me an excuse to not sleep, become really addicted to coffee, and go to bed at 6pm every day :) Yeah, right. In a perfect world, there would be no homework, and we would learn everything quickly and easily in fun labs.

My plan for today is to stay awake as long as possible...then go to bed around 5pm, sleep til around 3am, do more homework, go to class, and then maybe alternate doing homework and partying. It's Halloween, after all. Gotta take a break from barely keeping up with school sometime.

It's been foggy and grey outside for about a week now. It reminds me of how New England looks this time of year...especially in the early morning when you can barely see the campanile because the fog is everywhere. That is always the coolest because it makes the boring plainness of Iowa somehow seem more interesting. I can always use a little more interesting in the daily grind.
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